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OBIS-SEAMAP Stylesheet for ArcGIS


The stylesheet works for ESRI ArcCatalog 8.3/9.1/9.2/9.3. Other versions, whether older or newer, are not tested.


Version 1.0 does not show other elements than Taxonomy that are defined in Biological Data Profile such as Analytical_Tool. The stylesheet does not show the following elements under Taxonomy as well.

  • General_Taxonomic_Coverage
  • Identification_Reference
  • Vouchers

Multiple entries for contact information or others may not be properly displayed. Although codes dealing with multiple entries were implemented, they were not completely tested.

This version assumes every taxonomic tree for each species sighted begins from the top level rank such as Animalia. At XML level, this implies that <taxoncl> elements for all species in the dataset are placed immediately under <taxonomy>. However, codes may be able to display taxonomic trees that share the same parent and therefore branch off from the parent, though this is not completely tested.


  1. The stylesheet should be included in the download file. Otherwise, download it.
  2. Copy the stylesheet into <<ArcGIS installed folder>>\Metadata\Stylesheets (e.g. C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Metadata\Stylesheets).
  3. You may change the stylesheet file name (default: FGDC ESRI OBIS.xsl). The file name should be something that is easily identified, which is shown in ArcCatalog's [Stylesheet] combo box.
  4. Launch ArcCatalog.
  5. Choose the stylesheet from ArcCatalog's [Stylesheet] combo box.
    ArcGIS Stylesheet

Terms and conditions

  • The stylesheet is public domain, although the copyrights remain under the developer of the stylesheet.
  • The developer does not hold any liability regarding use of the stylesheet in any circumstances.
  • When redistributing the stylesheet, the credit should be given to the developer and the following web link should be presented:
  • Requests, problem reports or any other correspondences may be sent to However, not all correspondences are likely to be answered. The developer makes every effort to improve the stylesheet, though.

Credit & Copyright

Ei Fujioka
Nicholas School, Duke University
May 26, 2004